Sota Cosmos armboard screws

Ive left a message for Sota...
but does anyone know the the size/pitch/length of the 3 armboard screws that hold the armboard(sota's for a graham 2.2)to the cosmos iv turntable? Setting up mine again and I cant find these three screws/bolts anywhere.
My Sota Saphire armboard was secured with drywall screws! I'm not willing to pull them out and measure now but I'm guessing they were around 1-1/4 inch long.
Drywall screws doesn't sound good or original equipment. My Sota has short machine screws, flat undercut type with Allen sockets. I don't recall the size or length.
Yes, my old SOTA Sapphire (c.1986) had drywall screws! But my new Cosmos table (c.2012) does not. Wait for Kirk to call back or send him an email. He gave me exactly what I needed for my Graham Phantom Supreme to work on my Cosmos. Good luck.
How about that. I stand corrected. The plinth materials and design apparently changed over time.