Help on a couple of classical pieces...

I am an admitted classical novice, so when I hear compelling pieces I need some counsel from the more experienced on performers/versions/recordings that are not only top performances, but sonically good as well. Here's my two for today:

Havanaise by Saint Saenz

Nimrod by Elgar

If there are multiple good choices that's fine as well. Thanks in advance!
I only have one recording of Havanaise, by Grumiaux, but it's a very good one. He also did a very good Saint-Saens Violin Concerto No. 3.

There are a lot of choices for Nimrod (from the Enigma Variations). I think I'd give the nod to Barbirolli/Philharmonia, but I'm still very fond of the classic Monteux.
I should have mentioned that you can get the Barbirolli recording either in a 5-CD box of Elgar or a 30-CD box of Elgar. The single disc, which is out of print, appears to be more expensive than the 5-CD box!