help please? connecting power amp to streamer/dac without preamp?

I've been seeking a high powered quality integrated amplifier at a good price without much luck,and now have an opportunity to acquire Parasound 2250 power amp instead.

I would like to connect this to a Bluesound Node to run a pair of tower speakers.  No preamp and nothing else in the chain.
Can someone explain any drawbacks to this setup?  I'm presuming the volume increments only using the Node will be limited compared to having a preamp in the chain, is that correct?
I can likely acquire a preamp later if required.
thanks in advance

I have zero trust in computer controlled volume controls. Some devices will switch to full power if turned off and back on. It looks like your Bluenote CAN connect directly to an amp but I would feel better with a passive volume control in the pathway (or a preamp. 
Certainly doable.  I would set a volume limit in the audio settings menu to limit maximum volume that won’t blow your speakers or ears.
While it appears as though the Bluesound uses a 32 bit chip, which ordinarily would have extra chip data to avoid bit stripping with volume attenuation. But, the Parasound has a 1 Volt input sensitivity for full output, which would require a halving the 2 Volt output of the Bluesound to play at full volume. It might work but you might have a somewhat delicate limited volume control range, and might encroach bit stripping at low volume levels.
"...might encroach bit stripping at low volume levels..."

Another good reason to have an analog volume control.
^An analog volume control might bring into play other considerations.
Ideally, one would find an amp that meets the loudspeakers requirements into load, and that has an input sensitivity for full power output that matches the output voltage of the high bit DAC, and use appropriate cables. 
Rather than relying on digitsl attenuation get yourself a passive preamp like a Modsquad. Digitsl attenuation gets lossy in the bottom part of the volume range.
thanks for the responses
that's more than enough to have me decide on an alternative option as I was already concerned about volume

Listed as a headphone amp but also has a preamp output.
Relay controlled volume with a remote control.

Excellent volume control, nice quality.

I recently bought one and absolutely love it.

For under $150 buck it’s a great buy.