Help Selection of pre-amp

I would be most grateful if somebody could advise me the selection of pre-amp for the following system:

Mark Levinson 31 transport
Mark Levinson 30.5 decorder
Mark Levinson 335 power amp (possible upgrade to 33S or 33h in the near future)
Watt Puppy 5.1
MIT oracle V1 speaker cables

After from the ML 32, I am thinking of a tube pre-amp, any advise?

Thanks in advance
Why not get a 320S when they are out? Or buy a used 380S since your system is lamost al ML. I have a similar system of 37, 360S, 380S, and 331,334,336, and 434 power amps.
Wilson and Mark Levinson has a very bold and powerful combo. A more relaxed, open and musical preamp is recommended.
Depends on your budget, it can go from $1500 to $5000 in new or used market
I think the Klyne 7LX 3.5 would be a good match with that combination of pieces. It is a very 'musical' pre-amp and should compliment your gear very well.