HELP slight floor vibration auditory vibrate noise

I have slight floor vibration on my wood floors and a small amount of auditory vibrate noise when I play loud. I am listening on my chair on a shag rug in living room.

The sound is otherwise excellent with no boominess and very transparent sounding.

I use Reference 3A speakers that go down only to about 38Hz–20kHz, +/-3dB.

I hear this even when not using my REL R218 subwoofer although slightly less so.

Is it bass around 40-60 hz doing this ?

I am concerned that corner bass traps may be overkill?

any thoughts?

thanks in advance

Do your speakers have spikes? Is your floor laminate?

I have laminate floors and had a major vibration when my sub was setup down firing on spikes. It rattled the floor. I changed it to forward firing on the rubber feet and it went away. Without the spikes down firing configuration resulted in a roaming subwoofer that needed to be tied down.
You might try isolating your sub from the floor. For $60 bucks, an Auralex subwoofer isolation platform can work extremely well...we use it under our Velodyne DD18 and it is great. Much better bass, and no complaints from the neighbors!

Start there...and you [might] try the same with your speakers using Stillpoints or something...but start with the sub.
What is auditory vibrate noise? I'm unclear about what kind of problematic noise
you're hearing. Is it a rattling sound or something like a cone rubbing?
Along the lines of Lloyddelee's suggestion, I have seen good success with adding solid weight to the top using a slab of granite with a felt mat to protect the surface.
Thanks for the suggestions...I do use speaker spikes on episode speakers...

I purchased the subdude and think it improves things some (less rattle bit tigher bass) and ordered a thicker rug pad to further isolate the floor from my listening position.
this is the debate of trying to couple the speakers to the floor or isolate them. Some would say that for suspended wood floors you should try and isolate them and not spike (couple) them to the floor.
My subwoofer on spikes made the laminate floor straight up rattle against the subfloor. Definitely isolate for me.
good news Radioheadokplayer...yes, as Theo mentioned, i also put mass damping on top of the unit...i happen to use 30kg (66lbs) of solid brass weight on top of those HRS nimbus coupler things. Helps a bit yet again.