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Marantz SA10 sacd player
I had a Marantz 8006 that I purchased in 2017 and was running fine when I sold it in December of 2023.  An independent may be able to repair it, but I don't know why the repair center can't do it.  
quest for speaker upgrade
You have some good ones to choose from.  As mentioned I would first decide on the sound profile you desire.  I will call them more resolving / analytical or something less analytical and "musical" in an acoustic insturement sense.  This is probabl... 
Sagging power plugs in wall outlet, diy
For loose power plugs going into components you wrap the connector with a couple wraps of Teflon tape (plumbers tape).  Just the plastic part.  Problem solved.  
Sagging power plugs in wall outlet, diy
See my pictures in my virtual system for the fix I used.  Upgraded the outlet to the Audioquest NRG Edison 20 (big improvement in grasp).  I also went to a foam store to buy some rigit foam and cut it to size to support the cable.  I also have use... 
Anybody have Experience with Alta Audio Alyssa Speaker
I wonder how the new PS audio FR5 bookshelf speakers will stand up to the competition 3 to 4k.    
I am about to embark on my next upgrade journey
I was going to recommend the Alta Alyssa speakers but they are a 4ohm 87db efficient speaker.  They probably wouldn't require a sub based on their low frequency extension.  Good luck.  
Esoteric K03XD
Mike at Suncoast audio responded on his Audio Shark forum.  The 05XD is close but the 03XD is superior.  I'm not exactly sure what this really means in terms of the actual sonic differences.     
Esoteric K03XD
I have no issues with my K-03XD.  I had a Marantz ModWright player before the Esoteric.  The Esoteric is better in every way as it should be.  I don't find it bright or fatiguing and it will be my end game player / transport.  The only way to ship... 
Need suggestions on a streaming solution!
Innous Pulse series are streamers only.  
Neat "Tweaks" to improve the SQ of your streamed music!!!
Just another perspective.  I plugged the Puron into my Purtian PMS 156 power conditioner in the first position and didn't notice a difference.    
vibration control - cd player
I would second the use of the Townshend platforms/pods.  They have replaced all my other treatments such as rollerblocks, Herbies, symposium shelf, anything rubber, HRS etc.  They are on all my components including my speakers.  
Annoying newbie CD/SACD player question
I will chime in only because I have had several sony and marantz players that were modified by ModWright over the years.  I had the Sony 999ES, Sony 5400 and the Marantz 8005.  I kept the Marantz for a period of 7 years and never had a problem wit... 
Floorstanding speaker experiences/recommendations in the $12-25k range
It kind of depends on the flavor of sound you are looking for.  There are those more on the analytical side and others that are not.  Also, are you looking to stay with a box type of speaker or open baffle design.  I listened to about 12 different... 
Comparing streamer/DACs between $5-10k
You might consider one of the Innous products such as the Zenith Mk3.  I understand there Sense App is very good so Roon wouldn't be required.  
How noisy is my line? Audio Prism Noise Sniffer
I use the Enteq as a general sniffer.  I then plug it into a conditioner to see how quiet it is relative to the noise.  In my observations the Puritan 156 is quieter than the Furman reference 15i.