Help w/ cable choices for tubes and VonSchweikert


Would appreciate your input on speaker cables in 200-300 range for use w/ tubes (Anthem Pre 2L & Amp 1) and my incoming VonSchweikert VR2s. I have read/been told that the VSAs are not terribly picky about cables and that biwiring does not make a huge diff with them (compared to e.g., B&W). Would appreciate any thoughts on what might work well w/ this setup. Options in this range include:

-Zu Wax biwire (barely w/in price used) - I have read many good things about these but almost all 1st hand accounts are from SS setups
-Luminous Renaissance (single wire only) - would prolly buy new, but price is right
-AP Oval 9
-DH Labs Q10
-Cardas Quadlink 5c


powerste sells an eight foot pair of his design speaker cables for list price of $180. I have been using in various tube amp systems, most recently with Cary SLA-70Sig amplifier driving Clements Reference RT-7 speakers with their transmission line bass, and ribbon tweeters, and the performance bested my more expensive Alpha Core MI-3 speaker cables, which are really good, to begin with.
You really have to hear, for yourself, to realize how much difference in musical enjoyment comes with better cables. The money back home trial gave me the initial confidence to try interconnects, and speaker cables from someone who was unknown to me, at that time.
I have used with two other tube amps, Aronov LS-960i, and Sound Valves VTA-70i driving a variety of stand mounted monitors, including Platinum Audio Solo, Platinum Audio Reference 1, Spendor LE3/1 (limited edition prior to becoming regular production Spendor 3/1P), Spendor LS3/5A, Dynaco A-25, and, finally, my rare, and treasured Duntech PCL-5 Wallspeakers, made way before anyone dreamed of slim Plasma TV screens on the wall.
I felt that the Straley's always elicited the best performance I had ever heard from any of this diverse set of well designed speakers.All the magazine reviewer praise phrases could apply. Since it was such a one-sided decision, I never asked for my money back.
It really is possible to get a thrill from less expensive wiring, if one is fortunate to buy from the right source.