HELP w Esoteric K-01

Last night during the storm I had a couple of surges and lights flickering, my system shut down (just as it has done in the past). But now the Esoteric K-01 turns on but then turns off. The on button stays lit up but the display screen goes blank. i have unplugged the system and let it sit, then try again, but same thing. The owner's manual doesn't address anything like this in the "trouble shooting" section. There appears to be no fuse and this doesn't seem to be a fuse issue. Any suggestions?
thank you.
Go to the source. Call 323-726-0303 to speak with an Esoteric customer service representative.
If the power is erratic where you live (like in mine), it might be helpful to get something like the PurePower.
I did speak to Esoteric. They were great. We tried to start it up with a reset procedure but it didn't work. Same as before: the unit turns on, then turns off. So it will have to go back for service. What a drag. The odd thing is that I DO use a power conditioner, a BPT 2.5 or something from about 4 years ago.
I guess it didn't do its job, time for an upgrade. . .
Thank you both for responding.
Yes, get a PurePower or at leat an APC. I have the same problem and my APC has saved me several times.