Help! What's the white glue coming from Celestion SL600SI


Help! Can anyone help me make sense of the white gluey thing coming from Celestion SL600Si? I purchased them used from a seller here, have enjoyed them for 2 years, and noticed this anomaly today. Not sure when it started to happen. It looks like melted glue. See the pictures below:

Thank you!
Just the sealing compound getting squeezed out, could have been after a very hot day which softened it? If it worries you, undo the tweeter or bass which ever one it's coming from and push it back.

Cheers George 
The crossover capacitor blew up and leaked. You probably drove the speaker too hard or an after market capacitor was installed that was not rated enough.

Many large electrolytic caps have white goo in them. You can confirm by opening up your speaker and look for a swollen capacitor. When they explode the goo can go in almost any direction - just like a pin prick leak in a pipe that sprays a couple of feet. I am surprised it leaked out the front - speakers are supposed to be air tight.

Hi, Thank you for the suggestions. If the capacitor blew up, the speaker/tweeter should have been ruined and muted, right? It is still playing fine. So, maybe we can rule it out.

How challenging is it to take it apart, push the sealing compound back, and still keep the speaker airtight? Any misstep could easily ruin the speaker, I would think.

What if I don't do anything? 


Any misstep could easily ruin the speaker, I would think.

So long as your not a klutz, it will be fine, and you can reseal with more white silicon if needed.
And it’s only the sealing compound, not any capacitor electrolyte. The white stuff in the video shadorne posted is just white silicon fixing compound to stop things rattling around, and nothing to do with capacitor electrolyte leakage.

Cheers George
I've owned 4 iterations of Celestion SL speakers, and it is easy to remove those 2 front plates with an allen wrench. I have done so many times for different reasons, and I've never seen anything like that. I doubt that it's the crossover. The crossover in these speakers is at the bottom of the box, and it's shielded by thick foam. It might be something that the previous owner put behind the plate for some reason. Screw it off and investigate.  
Hint   @shoubang , it's only the 4 bigger screws not the 3 smaller inner screw that need to be removed. 
And when you screw them back, just a little nip tight or you'll crack the plastic mounting plate if your a gorilla and crank them down.

Cheers George     
If you're talking about the ribbed plates on the front baffle, they aren't plastic, they're cast aluminum.