Help with Cartridge Alignment

While I think I am reasonably close aligning my cartridge properly (Lyra Kleos) I am wondering if anyone out there in analog land has used a Fozgometer and what their experience with it has been. Better yet, are any owners willing to rent one. It seems silly to buy one when one only changes carts every 7 or 8 years. Thanks to all who respond.
Thank you, yes I see there is an abundance of dialogue but no clear concensus as to the value of this instrument. Cartridge set up alignment continues to be a daunting task.
Lubachl - I think you are getting confused. The Fozgometer is a tool used for getting the exact azimuth and maximum amount of channel seperation once the cartridge is properly aligned. Cartridge alignment is best accomplished using a MINT or Feikert ( or some other) protractor. Even those of us on a budget can afford the very good mirror assembly from Turntable Basics to get this job done right. Align the cart THEN make the minor adjustments to fine tune the azimuth.
Thank you. Yes I have a custom Wally alignment tool for my arm and I have gotten things as reasonably close as I feel I can. One could argue that now it is up to listening and fine adjusting for the final tuning.

Nonetheless if I had three additional items, a Fozgometer, a USB magnifier and a digital tracking force guage set-up would be more accurate.

It seems to me some enterprizing soul could offer these items to rent as a kit and make some easy scratch.
I have a Fozgometer for azimuth adjustment. It works very well for me. I use it as a great start and then I still listen to familiar records to make sure things are right. It is right on every time. Do you have a dealer close enough you may borrow one?
I use a Fozgometer, the KAB Speedstrobe, and an Audio Additive Stylus Force Gauge. Yes it's a lot of money. I do recheck everything a few times a year. I have come to learn without these tools it is impossible to calibrate by ear. Lubachl you spent 3 grand on a cartridge plus I assume thousands more on everything else. If you skimp now, you will never know how good your system is suppose to sound.