Help with chosing a new speaker cable.

I am using Audioquest Midnight at the present time with a pair of Martin Logan Aerius I,s along with a Forte model 4 amp and model 44 preamp. Mostly listen to Jazz and Blues.
What would you recommend. I have be thinking about Mapleshade Double Helix.
I have Martin Logans and have tried the Midnight. I think it's a great cable for the money. If you like the midnight I would suggest going up to the Clear. It's really a remarkable cable--try to get the + version. They made an extreme version for a short while. I have heard it's very good if you can find it.
I listen to mostly jazz, blues and the like also and for what it's worth, I'm currently using the Double Helix cables in a secondary (bedroom) system with my home built Welborne Laurel II X 300B SET monos and vintage Tannoy Monitor Gold 10" drivers in home constructed cabinets and I absolutely love the result. Also, about as high as you can get in terms of their WAF aesthetics...if such means anything to you.
Hi, fellow Martin Logan lover here. Have the Ascents and I'm going through a major search for the rite speaker cabels. First you have to biwire to make the Logans lite up the way they truely can! This was a revelation to my ears. Getting the Logans to sound rite is not easy,i,ve tried a lot of cabels they all have sonic signatures. The winner and I,m ordering as I write this is KimberX bifocal. Expensive,although sometimes seen used. Band to band flat,detail you won't beleive most of all this cabel gives a beleivability to the music! Try a pair from the cabel co. thats what I'm doing. Also the Aural Symphonics is very good but they don,t have the biware out yet.

Good Luck David in L.A.
Take a look at! I'm currently using their octet speaker cable--which replaced AQ Midnight 3. The octet is much better IMHO.
Thanks for the help. I went to my Martin Logan dealer and he suggested Acoustic Zen. I am going to try them out to see how they sound. I will let you know. I also added a MSB Dac Link III with upsampling and powerbase about 3 months ago. This really made a big improvement in my system.
Thanks again for the help.