Help with Icepower 1200as2 amp please!

Hello everyone! I am having an issue with my Icepower 1200as2 module. I have ran this amp for a few years and all of a sudden it starts going into a standby mode, then comes back on for a little while, then back to standby even when a signal is passing through. When I first built this DIY project using the 1200as2 module, I hooked up 2 LEDS on the front of the chassis. When first powering up the amp, the amber LED would light up until a signal was picked up through the RCA interconnects circuitry?  So if I wasn't playing anything through the amp, the amber LED would light up and stay on until a signal was detected. I really don't want to trash the module, so if I can get some help to perhaps fix this issue, I'd be very grateful and appreciative! Thanks for any help!





Hi Greg, So I'm assuming that it could possibly be that this relay is going south? I have an idea where it is located, but not sure how I could de-solder it as there appears to be another pcb on the bottom section that looks like the transistors and some other circuitry? I'm thinking about unplugging the connector from P102 on the board and see if that helps. That connector has 2 wires that act like a jumper. I believe this should bypass that relay? Not sure though. Thanks for your input! 

Take a look at page 7, table 5.2. 

It lists P101-6 as being the standby signal.  When that is high it enables standby mode.  P101-10 is the mute feature.

If either of those signals go high it can disable the amp.

I'd start by measuring what is happening there.  Also, consider DIYaudio they have a great community of builders.

Just make sure you probe everything thoroughly before you start taking things apart 🙂 don't want to create a secondary problem to sort. 


I did list my issues with this amp module on DIY forum. Haven't had much of a response though :(  I have disconnected the P101 connector and tried to see what happens and a few minutes of playing, it starts that same annoying switching back and forth from ON to Standby. The noise I hear is not really just a click sound rather a combo of what appears to sound like a click with a voltage type of noise. It's just does it fast then stops. I had noticed this noise/sound when I first hooked up my amp to play. I just feel that I'd hate to trash it. Maybe someone can come up with a trouble shooting idea I can try to resolve this issue. But perhaps it may be something I can't fix! Perhaps if I can't fix it, I can look to build another amplifier using my enclosure/chassis and RCA connectors, speaker binding post, etc. I was looking at some other amps/kits using the Purifi components? I was also told to look at these components: Hypex Ncore, NcoreX, Nilai, Purify Eigentakt, and I believe the NCxMP version will be out soon? Any suggestions? Thanks again Erik!


I have taken a photo of the module where I am hearing this clicking/voltage sound. I'm not sure which component it is though, and not sure where I could begin to probe!

photo of module where this clicking is coming from