Help with Speaker selection

I am considering upgrading the Dynaudio Confidence 5 speakers in my system and am looking for suggestions. I live in a rural area and do not have access to high end dealers to audition different speaker models or to discuss what is out there. My current system consists of the Mark Levinson Model 32 preamp, Mark Levinson 30.6 DAC and Mark Levinson Model 31.5 CD transport. Power amps are Krell 350 mc mono blocks. All cabling is Transparent Reference balanced XL IC's and speaker cables are Reference XL's. I have dedicated lines and Wattgate plugs. I use a hydra power conditioner on the Levinson equipment and no conditioning on the power amps. To finish it off I have a Rel Statium III Sub. My goal is to have a more open feeling. I like my music to feel live and full of energy. I listen to a wide variety of music from easy listening to jazz to rock. My room is approx. 18x30. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
piperdan would help if you had a budget in mind with regard to the purchase of the have a great system that is not inexpensive and my guess is that you want speakers in keeping with the quality of the frontend or used. you can get some great buys on used speakers now. there have been a number of used piega p-10 that jonathan valin called 'one of only 3 affordable reference speakers' when he wrote his review of them in june '01 tas.owners,and i am one,are trading in their p-10s for the new line of piegas' coming out this month so there are great buys on the p-10s right now. the new line of piegas',c-series,starts with a c-3 ltd,c-8 ltd,c-10 ltd at about $9k, $13k, and $19k respectively.i am getting the 8 ltd and have not heard a better speaker anywhere except maybe the c-40 that piega introduced last year,that anthony cordesmon called the best he had ever heard,in a review he did in audiophile voice recently.there are alot of great speaker out there but i don't believe they compare to the piega line.hope this helps...for more info on them look up their web site or call hifi farm at 1-800-7524018 and talk with steve davis....he is the us distributor for piega and a great guy.
Your set-up "screams" Watt/Puppy 5.1 or 6.0! (used). Of course, that is only my suggestion.
It's tough not having access to auditions! The JM Labs Utopia series may have what you are looking for. I've heard the Mini and the sound was very open, transparent, etc. You might want to look into panels - electrostats, Maggies, etc. I too, have a REL subwoofer and am confident you can match yours to any speaker you end up with.
JM Utopia are great for the kind of music you like DO NOT buy elecrtostats been there done it. You may like the Wilsons they are cheaper.My preference is the full size Utopias.