Hendrix reissues sound pretty good

I purchased a Hendrix Are You Experienced at Best Buy for 16 bucks. Sounds great for 16 bucks. lol
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This was a 2010 remaster by the original engineer from the 1960s. However as usual with many remasters the DR suffers. My favorite AYE CDs are from the 80s and early 90s.
Truth. The AYE from 2010 is the best of the many remasters. It’s part of the series called EH (Experience Hendrix). All these releases were remixed by the original engineer, Eddie Kramer, and supervised by Jimi’s daughter with mastering by George Marino.

The DR is high, but the mix is so much better than other remasters. My issue with these releases is how forward the music is.
To really enjoy AYE, pick up an original release or a reissue. There are two versions; AYE with NR and releases without processing. Both sound raw and gritty like you’re in the studio, but the guitar and dynamics are fantastic.

The Hendrix family reissues have great sound. From the 90s mastered by the original dude, Eddie Kramer. Also known as Experience Hendrix.
I've been waiting a while now (6 months or more?) for the AYE SACD to be released. Keeps getting delayed. I have the Axis SACD and it sounds sensational. Best I've heard it. So my expectations are high.