Herron VTPH 2--what cables are you using?

I am curious about what cables are being used between your Herron VTPH 2 phono stage and your preamp/integrated amp. I am using Herron interconnects, but the rest of my cables are Transparent Reference MM2 level. I have stuck with Herron cables for the Herron phono stage because I have been advised that it is generally ideal to use cables made by the manufacturer of the component in question, if they make cables. However, I know that there is disagreement on this issue. I would like to know which cables have been used with the VTPH2, and with what results? Comparisons with Herron interconnects would be particularly illuminating. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.
I used Audience AU24se in an all Herron system, Phono, Pre and amps. Very pleased. I think Herron recently used Audience in one of the audio shows. I now only have the Herron M1A amps as I have gone all digital but have kept with the Audience all around with the exception of my speaker cable which is Nordost Frey. 
Thanks Davt. Did you ever have the opportunity to compare the Audience to Herron cables?
I have always used Synergistic Research phono cables on my Herron Phono Stage with excellent results. I've never used any other cable in that spot so I don't have any comparisons. 


I am using Empirical Design ICs throughout my system and have for some time. I have tried several different cable brands over the years but have retained the ED cables because of their superior sound quality, flexibility and cost/performance ratio. Karl has also routinely provided me with custom lengths as I have relocated components or swapped in new gear. Not that it matters much but they won the TAS "Golder Ear" Award two years in a row back in 2010-11 (I think). That said, I tried Keith's cables at one point and found them very competitive with the ED cables (and less expensive to boot). They are a great value for money.

Thank you very much for your responses, I appreciate them very much. I would love to hear more from people like dodgealum who have also been able to compare the Herron interconnects against other cables.
Yes, I used the herron cables, I still have two pair of them. The Herron electronics far far exceed the ability of the Herron cables. The Herron cables are ok but the Audience were a huge improvement in all areas. 
Thanks davt. That's very helpful. I've been wondering if I'm hearing everything the vtph2 is capable of.
I have also used Herron cables with my Herron phono stage in the past but now have a complete Synergistic Research loom and the sound is wonderful. As someone in answer has already said , the Herron equipment is better than their cables in my opinion and my complete system uses Herron Audio gear except the cables.
Thanks Violin. Another very helpful comment. I have some Transparent Reference MM2 cables coming (to match the rest of my cables) to try with the VTPH2. I'm excited to hear the results! I would welcome and appreciate any other comments from those who have compared Herron cables with those of another brand on their Herron electronics.
I have some Herron Cables and I use them on my digital source. I use HGA DNA's on my VTPH-2 which are more transparent than the Herron cables.

Hi Chuck, thanks. I'm not familiar with HGA cables? Did you notice a big improvement with them, and what is their cost? Thanks.
Home Grown Audio http://www.homegrownaudio.com/

The improvement was definitely noticeable more transparent better bass response and more detail through-out the audio spectrum. The pass xa amps are very smooth with the Be tweeter of the focals and let the detail come through without being harsh. The HGA cables compliment the system well as I also use their (HGA) x-32 speaker cables with excellent results.

Thanks Chuck. I'll check out their website. From most of these responses, it seems I should hopefully hear even better performance with a cable change.
I replaced the stock tubes with NOS Telefunken's which had a major impact on the sound of the Herron.

Thanks again. What difference did you hear, and did you do this simultaneously with cable change or separately 
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Separately as I already had the cables when I purchased the Heron. Less congestion in the mid range and more inner detail especially with regard to violins. When the performer pulls the bow across the strings you can really here the impact of the bow on the strings.

My entire system is cabled with Herron Audio cables.  My entire system uses all Herron Audio electronics (except the digital equipment).  That's a VTPH-2, VPSP-3A r002, 2 x M1 amps, 4 x M-150 amps.   

For some unknown reason, Herron Audio cables seem to work well with Herron Audio equipment.  Go figure.
Thanks bpoletti. I also think the vtph2 sounds great with the Herron cables; however, I was recently speaking with a professional in the business who has owned the vtph2 and found that different cables for the vtph2 made a big difference in his system. That conversation sparked this question.  If I put the new cables in and hear no difference or a diminution in performance, I will send them back. But I figure I have to try it at least. Have you compared any other cables in your all-Herron system (which I am sure sounds great)? Thanks.
For my VTPH-2, I've tried grover interconnects, Morrow MA-1, and anti-cables but I kept coming back to the Herron interconnect. Then, last December I installed a .9 meter pair of the TEO Audio Game Changer "liquid metal" interconnects.  Jim Jordan of Vaughn Loudspeakers recommended them. At that time you could buy the interconnects as a special here on Audiogon, but they've disappeared since then. They were $400.  Now you have to go to their website and contact them to get prices. Once those cables broke in, they were in a class by themselves.  The most noticeable cable improvement I've ever made. Silky is the first word that comes to mind.  There's sort of a naturalness to them.  Completely non-fatiguing.  Detailed, but unforced detail.  At the time I put them in, I was using a Lyra Delos.  Since then I've switched to a SS Zephyr MIMC and had Keith upgrade my phono stage.  Once I got the Zephyr azimuth, VTA and tracking weight dialed in on my ET 2.5 tonearm, the system achieved a level of transparency and resolution that was way beyond what it had been. The Zephyr pulls a disappearing act.  I understand now what "freedom from mechanical artifacts" means. It's more like to listening to a master tape. If it was a tad warmer, that would be fine, but that's nitpicking. I had a party a week ago, and the most telling indication is that my wife was talking to a friend in the listening room while the music played quite loudly, and she didn't ask me to turn it down. That requires near zero distortion.  The new interconnect, the upgrade to the VTPH-2, and especially the Zephyr, make for a stellar combination, but since I installed the TEO interconnect first, pre-upgrade, while still using the Delos, I'm confident in my observations about it.   Arsh - if you wouldn't mind, could you describe what improvements you see going from the Zephyr to the Paua?  I'm considering that upgrade. 

Long time fan of Keith’s VTPH-2 myself. What upgrades did Keith perform on your VTPH-2?



BTW, I've got a Nordost Frey 2 interconnect between my VTPH-2 and my Belles Aria integrated amplifier.

I honestly don't know the details of the upgrade.  It was $325 including shipping, so not a lot of the really expensive parts.  My takeaway is more "punch".  The technical term I suppose would be macrodynamics.  The noise floor is lower.  It took about 20 hours to break in.  Well worth it, but again it was in the context of a cartridge change and cable change.
Mkiser, the Zephyr is a great cartridge. The Paua adds a lower noise floor, and more resolution and refinement. I love them both, but the Paua is better. Hope this helps. And Keith upgraded my VTPH2 as well; I think most of the work was on the power supply. 
Thanks for the response arsh.  It makes sense that a power supply mod would make for a punchier presentation.