Herron VTSP-3A vs. Shindo

If any of you have compared the Herron VTSP-3A to any of the Shindo preamps, particularly the "lower" priced ones, please comment on the sonic similarities and differences you heard. As always, thanks in advance for all comments!
This will be interesting. I have auditioned many tube pre-amps before settling on the Herron, but I have not heard a Shindo, I would have liked to as my bias is that this is a company driven by passion for music. Given that, I can tell you my impression of the Herron and why I went that direction. The herron does not have a lot of tube coloration. It is very liquid, smooth and solid with tremendous detail. I find it well balanced from top to bottom without glare. My system does not reach to the very low 20hz range but does have good bass and the herron does not lack there. The herron is very very quiet. The pre I liked equal to the Herron was the VTL TL6.5. The VTL perhaps a bit more crispness at the very top, the herron a bit smoother without seeming rolled off.
I look forward to others input as well. For me Shindo wins on the cool factor, but the Herron is a really impressive build.
I agree with Davt, the Herron VTSP-3A preamp sounds like music. What more could one ask for? I also have the Herron VTPH-2 phono stage and they are a great match. I do not think that I will be in the market for another preamp or phono stage in the future.
Thanks Davt and Violin for your comments. Expecting to hear good things about both Herron and Shindo pre's, and hopefully also comments from those who have owned or at least listened to both. Everything I have read about Herron indicates a very high level of musicality, which I have experienced to a very high degree with Shindo. Off the scales, actually, for Shindo.