Shindo and Merlin VSM

Has anyone heard the Shindo/Merlin combination? The Shindo Montrache and Aurieges look very interesting.
I have the Monbrison and the Merlin MMe speakers. It seems I am just beginning to get themost out of this set up with the bam back in the mix. Very musical, dynamic an accurate. I have had the JOule set up and prefer what I have now.

I feel like the magic is back.

Adding my comments to get this thread restarted as I too am curious to hear from anyone who has tried Shindo with Merlin. IMHO, the Joule setup is pretty magical in its own right.
I would like to know if anyone has tried Wyetech with merlin. I am using audio aero prestige dierect in audioaero capitole power(PP-> 55 watts clase A) with good result, but I am thinking in buy one preamplfier: Joule vs Wyetech vs Shindo?
I wanted a Wyetech(hard to find/heavy...the pair I wanted anyway)until the Ars(long wait/smaller)came along.
The Ars Sonumn is a must listen for a Merlin Owner. While it is not a CAT JL2, in is not much of a drop off, and perhaps just different -- it is one hell of a low cost option for these speakers.
I have the VSM-MX's and I have owned the Joule LAP150 Mk2 and the Shindo Monbrison. The amps I have used them with are the Quicksilver 6C33C Triodes. The Joule is a more technicolor and expansive sound that is absolutely intoxicating, while the Shindo has better pitch definition is more "accurate" and very emotionally involving. Very different sounds. Which one to choose ??? It's clearly a matter of personal preference.