Hi end audio stores in Miami, Ft lauderdale area?

Next April 6 I will be visiting Miami,and I would like to bring a friend that came from Cuba 6 months ago to an audio store where he can start a dealer/ enthusiast relationship, guy is an audiophile by nature building his own speakers in Cuba from Russian parts etc, but since he came to America all he knows is best buy with all my respect to the company.

It took me almost two years to discovered that it was another world of audio after emigrating to the US too, I guess is common if you don't have someone that show you the light.

I will really appreciate any info you guys can provide me with, I will be staying in the Weston area 33326.

I want to make his first real hi end experience something memorable.

Kind regards to you all and a peaceful sunny Easter Sunday!
Sound Experience www.thesndexp.com
The Sound Experience
233 South Federal Highway
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Boulder, Zanden, Sonus Faber, BAT, Scaena, HRS, Koetsu, etc

There is also Audio Salon near Miami Int'l Airport i think. good luck.
Audio Center in Deerfield Beach is really good. I've bought some equipment there myself. Its a few miles north of Miami. If you look on a map, its very close to where I75 ends on the east coast.

Sounds like you've got a few places to visit! Now that you've been given these recommendations...we will look forward to reading your report on every single one! hah! Enjoy and good luck.
I live 10 miles west of Hollywood Sound, and Larry is awesome. He knows good sound...highly recommended.
"Ditto Hollywood Sound. Larry is a great guy."

I agree. I've bought some stuff from him, as well. If you're into vinyl, you definitely want go there, as well. Also, its pretty close to my first recommendation, Audio Center.

Since you're in the car anyway, you might want to go a little further up and visit Wellington Audio. Another excellent place to do business. He deals mostly with stuff from the UK. Naim, Audio Note, Harbeth, Rega, etc..

I think a good plan would be to buy a component from each place you visit. Its only fair.
I used to live in Coral Springs & these audio dealer names & city names are making me nostalgic!
I've been to Audio Center (Dr. Howard, a trained dentist but never practiced or practiced for a very short time) & Hollywood Sound several times. Infact bought a MMF5 from Larry back then. Larry's shop screams 1970s but he is a good fellow & he's been around a long time. Very deft with a cartridge protractor!. ;-) Dr. Howard's a nice fellow too. his back room has a Maggie 20.1 - ask him if he'll let you listen to that setup. He denied me giving some cock-a-minnie excuse but I did not push him either.
Thank you all for your prompt response with excellent info,
As an update I will let you know that I already contact Larry and I am so looking forward to visit his store cause the only analog sound I had listen to is on my rega P5 DV 10x5, so curious about how other analog gear could sound?
I am also visiting John at Audio Salon I think in Coral Gables, I found some info about him, looking into old forums post here,.

And now you guys are giving me more to look forward to, certainly I want my friend to have a memorable experience, I spoke to him today he is super excited with no idea about the experience, I sent the link to the stores web that we are visiting.

I will keep you posted about the adventure, and I forgot to tell you that I will be visiting myself Don Better audio in Cleveland Ohio, I spoke to him last night and he is happen to live 10 minutes from the Cleveland clinic campus where I am attending to the anesthesia board review April 8-13.
It will be my chance to listen to shindos, Devores and Line magnetic wow,wow....

Busy week days ahead,

Thank you again, you all may this hobby even more pleasant.
bombaywalla I will try to listen to that system if I get to visit him, memories are part of our lives, Larry's for sure.
Thank you for your details.
Music Systems by Martin Ferrari- in Doral, Miami- Wilson, D'Agostino, etc.
relatively new dealership.

Sound Components- Coral Gables (Miami)- Rockport, Levinson, Audio Research.
been around a long time. experts in Home Theatre installations, but they still know quite a bit about 2-ch.

If you make an appointment first, you might avoid walking in when someone is not
there you should be talking to, or someone hasn't gotten enough sleep, etc.
I had the 10x5 myself and Larry sold me the DV20 (low output version) with a DV P75. Incredible value for the money. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. Its a combo that I know he likes very much and recommends to a lot of his customers. I just though I'd share that because it looks like something you might consider when you are there.
Thank you guys for all your advice, certainly a lot of traffic and driving and no the nicest experience,
The driving? Or the stores? I've been curious about how you would be received at the various stores, seeing as it sounds like you're just looking and not buying. The audio shops have a generally well-deserved reputation for being unwelcoming (to put it nicely) to anyone they percieve to be 'tire-kickers'.
Deja Vu Audio South in the Miami Design District is the go-to place for high-end audio in Miami.  They carry - Audio Note, Synthesis, Harbeth, Conrad Johnson, Grado, Koetsu, Grado and much more.  They also specialize in vintage audio and have some very cool Western Electric systems set up and ready to perform.  They have four separate audition rooms and the shop is very relaxed and unrushed.  

A visit to Deja Vu Audio South is truly memorable.

If you're traveling to Miami or even have a layover check them out for sure (they are only ten minutes from the airport) - www.dejavuaudiosouth.com