Hi-end CD 5-disk Changers?

I'd like to know if there are any high-end CD 5-disk changers available. I don't need SACD or DVD just yet as I wait for the format wars to play out. I don't want to buy an external DAC to connect to the changer as I already have a good single CDP (Audio Aero Prima) to listen to. The 5-disk changer is to please the wife so that when we're entertaining she doesn't have to get me to change the music after each disk finishes . . . I know there are lots of cheap and low-fi brands out there which I'd like to stay away from.

Thanks for your help.
Thanks everyone for your input thus far. Noisy and ergonomically friendly are in fact 2 important wife acceptance factors and for me too. I didn't know that the McIntosh was noisy and certainly pricy too. Perhaps the Sony 333/555ES used or Rotel or Marantz is the better way to go.

Aroc -- what Marantz model do you suggest? I see from their website that they only have the CC4300 model avail but I don't know the cost.

What about Denon or Philips - anyone have any insights on these 2 makes?

Does anyone know if the Sony 333/555ES or the Marantz CC4300 or the McIntosh or the Rotel have detachable power cords?
The Mac has a detachable power cord. I just made a new cord for mine the other night.

And, I think the changer mechanism in the Mac is the Nakamichi Music Bank changer. It is a bit mechanical sounding on disk changes.
The Rotel (rcd-1055) has a full-size removable IEC type... I don't think the Marantz does - that's one reason I also looked into the Rotel. I'd have been happy to buy the Marantz, but I really don't like cheap captive power cords with my gear. I'd even settle for a removable DVD/CD type (the little figure-8 shaped cord) so I could at least use an Audioquest NRG1 or an IEC adapter with it. Go to the manufacturer's website and download the .PDF manuals and look at the diagrams - that's the best way to research this particular question.

I still haven't made a purchase. Rotel, just like NAD has an absolutely lousy retail presence and can't be bought online except through certain circumstances.
bored so I looked up some info for you....between the Sony above and these 2 changers are looking good for the money.

Denon DCM-380 5 Disc Changer HDCD® Burr-Brown 20-Bit D/A (PCM-1748) Coaxial Digital Output, headphone jack ,Remote volume up/down Remote I/O Ports • SRP $299 1 year parts and labor


Well built good looking machine w/HDCD,Detachable power cord,2years parts and labor @$700 us retail.