Hi Fi shop for phono cartridge in Tokyo?

Will be visiting Akihabara to buy a Phase Tech P3 phono cartridge. Can someone tell me the store I should visit?
Thanks, Ki
I don't know of stores which sell the PhaseTech P3 off the top of my head but I can point you in the direction of a few which might.

This thread has some directions to SACD speciality stores in the area but has some electronics references. I'd try the Refino & Anhelo store at the top of the map.

Try this map for Dynamic Audio stores around Akihabara station. The two at the "upper left" corner of this map are most likely among DA stores to carry it. [Note that the orientation of this map is 90 degrees rotated (counterclockwise) from the previous one]. The 5555 store on this map is just "above" the SOFT1 store on the other map, and the Refino & Anhelo store mentioned above is basically diagonally across the intersection (but one short block further away) from the 5555 and SoundHouse stores.

I'd be surprised if you couldn't find one at 5555. But just in case, you might send an email to info@phase-tech.com (English should be fine) and ask them where they are sold. Their head office telephone number is 045-932-2400 (calling from inside Japan, add 81 to the front when calling from outside Japan, and remember they are 14hrs ahead of US E.S.T. right now).
How'd you get on? If you didn't manage to find one, let me know here and I'll call Miyakoshi-san at DynamicAudio in Shinjuku for you. He often has PhaseTech stuff of different sorts, both new and used, so should have a good idea of where to get one.
Sorry for the delay.
I did go to the Akihabara but didn't find the shop recommended and had to leave for the airport. I should have taken the taxi from the hotel and save time trying to locate the shop.

However, I did visit several stores but didn't find the P3 cartridge. Although it was listed as one of the best performer in the Stereo Sound Magazine, no shops I visited carried the cartridge. It seems the Denon 103R was very popular though - it was priced at 250 Yen that is about $220 I guess.

I will be going back to Tokyo in Jan and will ask you for your help at that time. If you do talk to Miyakoshi san before then, please ask him what the price is for the P3 cartridge and send me a message.

in Seattle.