Hickok 6000 Settings for Testing 6550's

Hello Hickok Owners!

I'm testing a batch of 6550s. My Hickok 6000 documentation does not directly list 6550s. Can the European KT88 settings be used? 

Anybody who tests 6550's on a Hickok 6000 tester, please reply with your settings.
Thanks, Dean  
Here's an old thread that mentions your 6000 and 6550/KT88's...


I was looking for my TV7-D/U @ the time, when I ran across it.

op should hopefully understand that a tube tester can test a power tube for basic function but no tube tester ramps up the tube with bias currents that resemble in use conditions of real hifi tube amplifiers

not even close

so many tube testers will show power tubes like 6550 6L6 6CA7 as ok but then you put it in a tube amp play music and sh&t happens
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