Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums

Please share songs you love that get overlooked on classic albums that most consider among the best ever--for example, those that regularly appear on the Rolling Stone top 100 list. Last weekend I played "Hotel California" all the way through and was really digging "Try and Love Again". Can't get it out of my head. Oddly, a Randy Meisner tune with great bass guitar and unique bass drum work by Don Henley--pumping it twice rather than once not sure why. There is some really great stabbing guitar lines, awesome rhythm guitar licks and a nice lead guitar. As always, great harmony vocals to boot. A really great song that seems to fly under the radar because it is on an LP that has so many "hits" and really great songs. 

Share yours!




I too a Zevon fan.  For me, anything from Life’ll Kill Ya can make is the list.  Sad though in its concept.  
Another favorite where almost any cut can be can be on the list:  Boz Scaggs Greatest Hits Live.  His jazzy rock fusion style and voice never better in these well recorded, excellent performances. 

Linda Ronstadt's "Prisoner in Disguise" entire album is a great album & very well recorded & mastered by the late, great Doug Sax. The whole album sounds very good but Smokey Robinson's "Tracks of My Tears" is especially good. 

Great test for any hifi system if you want to listen up loud & understand the full dynamics of the song. Great, tight bass guitar & drums, really nice electric & acoustic guitar work & of course Linda's outstanding vocals. 

With good horns & tube amp, the band is right there in front of you! So fun!

Want to just add one more group of classics (beyond the Kinks) and that is Pink Floyd. 2 albums that aren't really known that well (at least in my opinion) are Relics (which has early Syd stuff and showcases members such as Rick Wright) and The Valley Obscured by Clouds which was a soundtrack and an album (like Echoes) that showed the band was on its way to do DSOTM and more importantly, is Nick Mason's favorite Pink Floyd album.