Hiface EVO, Wavelink, Audiophilleo


What do you know about Hiface EVO, Wavelink, Audiophilleo? Do you already used it in your system?

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Be careful of Hiface EVO. You wont get a printed User Manual with this device. You will have to Download it from
M2Techs Website. You are going to need Adobe Acrobat PDF
Format conversion. I went to the M2Tech Website three times, and I have PDF conversion. Internet Explorer kept claiming that there was something wrong with the Website.
Finally got a PDF Copy from Tweek Geek. On the Users Manual, it indicates steps for installing M2Tech EVO Wizard, except all of the steps in the Wizard are written in Italian. No Disk to install the Driver, it has to be
Downloaded from Website, Files are compressed. You have to
transfer, unzip Files. Pretty much the anti-thesis of Scrubbing Bubbles. M2Tech makes the Customer do all of the
dirty work, so M2Tech doesn't have tooooooo! Suprised they
didn't make me build my own Box, and charge me with the $500.00 priviledge. Paying that much, I think that the Trees are just going to have to give it up for a Paper User
Manual. As Officer Ripley would say, "It's the only way to
make sure"! I have no qualms about making M2Tech earn their $500.00, let them get ink stains on all of their fingers from printing thousands of Manuals! They can take some of their work home with them, like we do here in U.S.
This gismo is not ready for Prime Time here in U.S., with a Company that has put itself so layed back to be comatose,
it never will be! "Somebody wake up Hicks (M2Tech)"! Maybe
they are on a 6 Month Italian Vacation! Don't want them to work too hard, or put too much effort into a $500.00 gizmo!
Yeah, pulling up a .pdf and unzipping something are crazy!!! Yikes. You might want to stay away from computer audio.
I considered all you listed, and decided to go with $450 Halide Design Bridge.
Jdubs-pulling up a .pdf and unzipping The Manual (before
you can even install the Driver), then pulling up the .pdf
and unzipping the Folder for the Driver. The fun part is trying to figure out which Files (among ten) to install!
What are you supposed to do, flip a coin for each File?
Get just one wrong, and your screwed! Send an E-mail to
M2Tech for assistance, and get a response in Italian (nuts!). The M2Tech Wizard is even written in Italian. What
are you suggesting, a College Course in Computer Audio, along with a College Course in Italian, or a College Course
in Italian Computer Audio? Hey, I am just the Customer here! Anything that I can do in the Service of a Scroodge
run Corporation,or even a No-Load One! You are going to have to come down off of the Trees, Jdubs, I want my paper
User Manual! Enough of the Crap Shoot alternatives, and making the Customer work to earn his keep (since when?).
Read U-N-R-E-L-I-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y to the Max here, make that
a premium expensive unreliability (what the hell am I paying for?). I didn't know that being a M2Tech Customer
made me a full time M2Tech Employee, where is my Paycheck? My time is valuable, so for the time spent having to fiddle around with this silly nonsense, that Paycheck in the Mail had better be a big one! You know damn well that this is nothing more than Companies cutting back dramatically on Customer Service to the bone, just to save a buck! The only thing that I can say about you-Jdubs is, "What a Tool"! Sorry, I don't want to be M2Tech's
BI_CH! Yikes, if that offends you! Since you and M2Tech are under the false impression that I work for you, let me make myself perfectly clear, "Take this Job and SH_VE-IT!
I won't comment on something that I have no experience with. I do kind of like the ability for one of the Audiophilleo Converters to display the exact Sampling Rate.
This is what all of this PC Audio has come to. Someone
promises 24/96 or 24/192, but you end up with 16/44.1, so
they can charge through the nose as well as produce something dirt cheap. They know that some PC Audio Pundit will blindly buy it, because it is PC Audio, and never even
notice the difference. That is not because there isn't one,
but because no one would ever dare to criticize PC Audio, it is simply unthinkable! As bad as CD is, atleast everyone
knew what they were buying. That goes for Disks, CD Players, Processors, what have you. When is the PC Audio
Community going to wake up, and start being critically aware of what it is that they are buying? Customer Service
is an Alien concept in the PC Audio World, this is wrong and unacceptable on so many levels. Can't criticize a damn
thing without everyone claiming, "If you don't like it, then don't buy it"! Then they go about their business of
eliminating all other forms of Music that would be an
alternative, and a threat to PC Audio. PC Audio Customer
Service Sucks, and I demand other options! You don't like it, too bad! I will continue to criticize PC Audio, in the
vain attempt that it might actually IMPROVE sometime in the
Future. Someone has to try it, better than being a Dawn of the Dead, Zombie, Blind PC Audio Pundit, run of the mill crowd. What a bunch of Tools! So damn many Tools, there is no one left to use them!
I have a Wavelength Wavelink right now and comparing it with my Lynx AES 16. My initial impression is that the Lynx card is still a little superior; wider and deeper image. So as to take the cables out of the equation, I borrowed MIT MA-X Oracle interconnects (AES for Lynx and SPDIF and Locus Axis for Wavelength) to do my little comparison. I have them running simultaneously in JRMC zones 1 and 2 into my NAD M2 which makes it easy to switch inputs on the NAD to immediately hear the difference.

I just got the Wavelink today, so I want to let it go a bit before I make any definitive statements. BTW, I am using an Antelope DA re-clocker between my Lynx card and NAD M2 which gives me galvanic isolation and allows me to use a high end cable like the MIT MA-X, which does make a huge difference on its own.
Three things I demand for Customer Service in PC Audio, this includes ALL Devices $300.00 and above. A Paper User
Manual (just to make sure), A Hard Disk containing Drivers
and any required Software (just to make sure), and the above Tools written in English-English-English (just to make sure)! No more Online crap shoots just to save the
Company a Buck, and make the Customer work harder, not to
mention putting the Customer at risk for Worms, Viruses,
Spyware, Malware......etc. If I have to buy the damn Tree,
($500.00 Device) so be it! This is non-negotiatable. If I
have to re-invent the Wheel, and draw a Blueprint for
Customer Service in PC Audio, I will try my best to fill that Vacuum. Mother Nature abhores a Vacuum, and I am a
Creature of Nature, so I abhore Vacuums as well! I am not afraid to criticize PC Audio, I am not a Blind Pundit of
PC Audio, I demand the same Customer Service provided by any other Product I might buy. If PC Audio falls flat on its marketing face, due to a vacuum of Customer Service, I am not going to be the Blind Tool Pundit to break its fall! PC Audio either stands on its own two feet in the
Marketplace, (Read Customer Service), or it deserves to fall! PC Audio will not be successful the way it is going,
it is only a matter of time before everyone gets tired of
dealing with the B.S., as I have! How can you possibly have Convenience in a Vacuum of Customer Service, it just
doesn't add up no matter how you crunch the numbers! How do you like the words, "Mass Exodus"! Keep on defending a
Vacuum, and you will learn the meaning of those words!
Pettyofficer, once it's set up, how does the Evo sound? I am interested in the 24/192 capability for storing/archiving LPs. I would be comparing this to a Bel Canto Lightlink, using the ST-glass interface, into a Bel Canto DAC 3.5vb, in a MAC mini setup. (The Lightlink is limited to 24/96.)
Jbaxley- the EVO works fine when set up. It does sound really well, with perhaps a slight emthasis in the mid-range. With my System it could perhaps use it a little;
but, very damn little. I still concider the EVO like an
external Digital SoundCard with its own Power Supply, a means to avoid PC Switching Mode Power Supply. For me
this is a must have. I am currently using a Space Tech Labs DA-64 XT Super DAC, with four large Tubes in the
output Stage, and two Huge Tubes in the Power Rectifier.
Tubes are highly succeptible to Power Supply Related Noise
from Switching Mode Power Supply. This is only particular
to the type of DAC that I use, other DAC's probably have no
problem. I use this DAC because I like its sound, and mostly listen to 24/96 material-the upper limit of the
DA-64. Still concidering 24/192 DAC, but still love the
sound of Tubes! Some prefer ST-glass interface for Digital,
I prefer AES/EBU, I believe that this is mostly DAC dependent. The same goes for Power Supply and Tube/Solid
State for the DAC. Are you using USB from MAC mini to Bel
Canto Lightlink, then ST-glass to Bel Canto DAC? EVO has
USB-ST Input, but I2S-S/pdif coax-S/pdif bnc-and AES/EBU
Digital Outputs. Will Bel Canto DAC work better with AES/EBU or ST-glass Interface? I don't know. You might try
to find someone using an EVO with Bel Canto DAC, here or
where-ever. I am also fearful of obsoleteness due to 24/192, but still getting some really damn good sound from
24/96 and Re-mastered CD. 24/192 wasn't the real reason that I got the EVO. Is it fear, the Numbers Game, or a real substantial improvement with 24/192. 24/96 Downmixed
Music Surround Sound still blows me away! It is certainly not your Daddy's Movie Surround Sound.
I have been using the Wavelink for several months now and its an amazing little box that meets all my expectations. I have gone through the whole comparison exercise here: http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=84115.0

The best is to have a home demo and hear for yourself...