Wavelenth Wavelink and Empirical Offramp converter

I have decided to buy either the Wavelink or the offramp4 usb converter. Does anyone have any knowledge as to how these two compare? It seems the offramp4 with the turboclocks(700.more) is superior from what I have read, but I am interested in a comparison of the stock units.
As a follow-up, my system consists of a core audio modded mac mini with external core audio power supply, Chris Johnson modded Benchmark DAC, Modwright pre, latest Spectron Amp (musician III, mkII) and Audience 2+2 speakers. I should also note that I have the ability to obtain a wavelink on trial from a dealer, but, to my knowledge, empirical does not allow a trial period on their products, so I am seeking info.
Suggest you send an IM to Steve Nugent at Empirical. He has indicated in other threads here that he does provide free in-home trials.

And by all means, be sure to post any results of this head-to-head.
Yeah definitely keep us updated. I have a friend who compared them head to head and said the Offramp was a substantial upgrade. He's running Maggie 3.7's, Pliniuis SA-Reference amp, Plinius Tautoro pre, Clarity Cables power cables, WyWires speaker cable, Shunyata Hydra Triton conditioner in a fully treated room. I wouldn't doubt the Offramp improving on the Wavelink. Steve is a great engineer.
Steve's stuff is and has been for more than a few years now as good as it gets.Good luck,B