High End CD Player / Transport - BLUE Anodized Chassis? - 2000's? - unsolved mystery?

I’m trying to solve a mystery in my head - it is entirely possible that I dreamt this, but hoping that someone might be able to help.

I recall maybe 8-10 years ago seeing a CD Player or Transport that was in a pretty large chassis that was the color blue - potentially anodized blue (maybe just the faceplate was blue)? But I’ve been searching and searching and can’t find it. "Audio Note" was my first thought...but maybe it was a different brand that starts with an "A" - or maybe not?

Does anyone have any memory / knowledge of what this could have been?!




I do recall the same Player/Transport. 47 Labs perhaps?


Happy Listening!

Hmmm - that's possible, but I did a google search in images and didn't see anything that elicited a "THAT'S IT" moment.  Thanks for the suggestion!  The search continues...

Was it a typical rack mount / shelf sized player or something like the Madrigal Proceed?

I'm curious as to what you are looking for.

I don’t believe it was rack-mount...more traditional. It actually had a very clean, simple design. In my head similar to this:


I don’t recall if it was top loading, but it was clean and had a relatively tall faceplate (with traditional width).  Perhaps I'm just losing my mind?

Very cool - didn't know about that one.  Not the one I'm looking for, but definitely cool!



Sweet! Are you adding this player to your System?


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@jafant - I wish I was adding one to my system...I was hoping that after 10+ years of dreaming of adding one to my system that it would be "cheap" by now :D  Alas...maybe some day :)

Buying 10 yrs old cd players is a big risk. Lasers mostly have only 10 yrs life span.