High End Stereo Repair in Chicagoland?

My trusty old Legacy Audio (Coda rebrand) amp died the other night. Anyone know of a good, reliable, affordable high end audio repair shop that they can recommend. I live in the Western Suburbs (Saint Charles) and work in Elgin.

Any my suggestions are much appreciated!



Thanks for the response. I used to live literally across the street from them, now I'm in the far west suburbs so getting into the city is a long haul. I was hoping to find something closer. Thanks for the response.


Hi Elvrick,
I know a group of audiophiles in the western suburbs and they all take their repair work to Caspar at Stereo Rehab. http://www.stereorehab.com/
I have taken repair work to him too. He is honest, reliable and works fast. He knows all about hi end stuff and can take care of you. If you are interested in meeting other audio hobbyists in the Elgin area consider joining this Facebook group.