High End Umbilical Cords

Are there any "high end" umbilical cords. My Wyetech Opal pre has separate power supply and control units connected by such a cord and am wondering if a better quality cord than original would improve sound, though I have no criticisms now. You know how we get. Thanks.

I purcahsed 16 or 18 ft. of Jena Labs cable to use as a braided umbilical for my Modwright power supply. Dan Wright made it to go with my Modwright Sony 999ES power supply. If you contact him he might be willing to make you an umbilical if you send him the cable you want to use and the terminations Just a thought.
It does make a difference.I was using the Revelation Audio Silver with the Modwright Sony 999ES and switched to the Jena Labs copper cable that Dan made me and i MUCH prefer it over the silver.He now offers a Acoustic Zen umbilical (mono crystal copper) that i would be interested to hear.
So yes, i really found a nice midrange improvement with the Jena labs cable.