High Frequency Hearing Loss

Unfortunately over the last few years, I have developed a significant high frequency hearing loss beginning around 6k Hz and upwards.  I notice it in the way recordings with cymbals and other high frequency percussion instruments are much much duller than they used to be. Violin music has lost some subtle overtones that I used to hear. What is the best way to deal with this? I was thinking of getting a DAC like a Weiss 501 that has built in DSP features where you can try to offset the hearing loss by boosting the frequencies that have been attenuated. It seems like it's one of the few DACs that have this but it's not cheap to say the least.  Is this the best solution or is an equalizer in the analogue domain a good/better solution?  


FWIW I have also lost a little of the high end. I bit the bullet and just accept the fact that it ain't what it used to be. I tried equalizers (in a tape loop) and while I felt they were helpful in changing the overall tone of the system they didn't really help to restore the high end. Ditto, hearing aids. When I get to that stage then I get an equalizer and headphones! :-)

I just hit 71 …. Sheesh. Hearing range degradation is inevitable as we age .
I’m still north of 10K into low 11K but down from 12k two-odd years ago.
one of my good friends (and ex client ) is a PHD audiologist with a $175,000 audio system ,,,,

here is - as I understand it - his ad hoc comments to me about hearing loss, hearing aids, and it’s effects on audiophile enjoyment.

- inserting use of new hearing aids at your current assessed performance level MAY not be suitable for you YET ( you may not be classed as “that bad” currently, where hearing aids are generally prescribed, and thus they may introduce new unintended and unfavourable adverse effects to your audio fun and hearing ease in general. ) …..they amplify EVERYTHING around you, not just the soundstage elements in front of you.

- please DO NOT get sucked in by any online “ quick & fast ‘n easy” or otherwise add hoc layman’s suggested DIY home audiology / hearing test assessment kits ; …. DO go get PROPERLY examined and assessed with a professional recommended course of action by a qualified licensed professional audiology medical practitioner.

It is not the growing old that troubles me the most …. It’s the side effects.

I would not think the DAC is the place for adjustment. You should be delivering a pristine raw signal from any device, and then adjust tone with your pre-amp or processor, or an EQ. Many processors/Pre-amp have ways of adjusting tone controls, and may be in software in the unit, not physical knobs. If not there are EQ devices that may help determine if it's a good solution or at least improvement for you. If it were me I'd grab a cheap EQ and play around (pawn shop?) and then decide if a better one may be worth the investment. Past that there are a lot of devices to change the tone with some DSP features, but no need to go really high tech until you determine if tweaking the tone controls would help.


Good luck on your hearing loss management.

My deficit is 7Khz along with ever present tinnitus

Listening to my preferred format-LP’s thru tubes helps take the mind off my own situation.

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