High output voltage DACs, preamp input concern

I was wondering if source components that have a higher than average output voltage, say for XLR >4V, could "overdrive" the input of the next downstream component? ie. preamp, possibly distorting the signal in the process. Specifically the HoloAudio May DAC has a 5.8V fixed output via XLR. I've heard conflicting answers from nothing over 4V on XLR from Luxman on a 595 integrated to no, it won't do anything but make it louder. Assuming all else being equal, like the source output impedance and target input impedance are in check. Thanks for any and all comments and if there's an EE willing to chime in, even better.


It is always possible that a mismatch between the outputs on one component and expected inputs on another mismatch but in reality it's very rare. 

Hope this helps:



Source output voltage is not an issue with preamps as the first thing the source voltage drives is the input impedance (usually) set by the volume pot. There are no tubes or transistors upstream of the volume pot to be overdriven.