High Praise for Basis Audio

they are fantastic
i am buying a used 1400 ( long out of production) with Rega arm and they are supporting me in an incredible way with boxes for table, arm, instructions, etc
in a cost effective, friendly and speedy way !!!!
Long time satisfied customer  of Basis.  You will love the 1400, congratulations.

Is Basis Audio still alive?
Who took over after AJ Conti passed away last fall?

They are (were) great tables/arms.
His family and brother who is an engineer and was working along side with AJ.
Great to hear they are still going. The Basis Vector tonearm was a revelation for me. Great product and very happy to hear the support is still there.
Similar positive experience for me on a much smaller scale. I requested the specs for my lost Allen key for the anti-skate weight adjustment on  my Vector. Jolanta sent me a replacement and some extra O-rings at no charge.to Australia. A seemingly small thing but it indicated to me an attitude of genuine  and graciousservice.    

Ian Lane