High Quality Digital Coax RCA to BNC Adaptors

Anyone know of any high quality RCA to BNC adaptors? Does using an adaptor degrade the digital signal quality? Would it be better to get my MIT Oracle digital coax reterminated rather than use an adaptor?
Instead I decided to use a Blue Jeans cable 75 Ohm RCA to BNC cable. Guaranteed 75 Ohms end to end including connectors. That is something that an adapter cannot guarantee. With digital coax the connector and wire to connector fusion is the key. The wire is only part of the equation. Measure end to end.
I have tried seven or so different BNC to RCA adapters and hear obvious differences. Some are sold as 75 Ohm, yet no RCA connector can be. Black Cat Audio makes one specific to digital audio and it sounds best to me. So good, in fact, that I'll not reterminate my MIT Oracle MA-X. Pasternack sells one sounding nearly as good. It is 50 Ohm digital video standard, so go figure. Going RCA to BNC with adapters will likely be the same mixed bag.
Try Signalcable's rca to bnc for under $40. I have one and it's really, really good. Frank uses true 75ohm Canare connectors. I don't think you can do better.
If possible replace your chassis RCAs with 75 ohm BNCs and use fully BNC cables.
Another vote for Blue Jeans Cable. I have a few of their Belden 1694A with Canare BNC on one end and RCA on the other that I use depending on the "configuration of the week" of my system :)