High Quality Interconnects for Luxman L-590AXII

I would like to seek experiences from current owners of the Luxman L-590AXII (or other Luxman models). Have you tried different interconnects particularly the balanced XLR versions and heard a profound difference with the cables? I only compared a $1,500 balanced XLR to a $500 single-ended RCA and so far the balanced XLR sounded superior. I believe the balanced connection of the Luxman is capable of producing better results when compared to single-ended.

Has anyone compared different balanced interconnects on the Luxman and noticed a difference in sound quality between the cables?


I have a Luxman 509x.  Tomorrow I plan on some A/B tests using Nordost Red Dawn and Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II.  Both are XLR, I'll report back when I'm done with the test.

Thanks for this. I would be looking forward to your report with great anticipation. I have owned the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II XLR many years ago but it didn't last very long in my system during that time.

Hi there,my latest interconnects purchase has turned out to be a absolute winner.The original stealth pgs was so good,I couldn’t help myself buy the v16t.Second hand as I try to save money along the way.I won’t get a chance to listen to the v16 sorry,I’m overseas right now.Im guessing that is the one to go for.The 08 will move to the phonostage.My set up is audio research pre and mark levinson amp.

I own a Luxman 590 AXII however I have only used RCA interconnects. With that said (due to my experimentation with my Plinius SA reference amp and Audio Research REF 5SE) I did not find a difference using RCA vs XLR interconnects using 1/M and/or 1.5/M interconnects of the exact same type. The confusing glitch when listening between RCA and XLR is the XLR will sound approximately 3db louder with the volume knob set at the same level. It's my opinion that a regular length interconnect does not need to be balanced unless you are running long distances. Regardless which way you decide to go, depending on the dollar amount you want to spend, I recommend the Zivfino Fusion Interconnect, I'm currently using the Grand Lavricable 5/N silver interconnect, and/or the Infigo Sparkle or Signature interconnect, which I've read very good comments about and should receive a demo Signature interconnect today.

I have the 590axii as well running either Revel 228be or YG acoustics Carmel, source is the current DAC from Weiss which is balanced.  I’ve tried Nordost Tyr2, another solid silver homemade cable, and Mogami, all in XLR and have found no difference in sound.  I do agree the XLR sounds better than the RCA.  I find interconnects, especially balanced, make the least difference in sound, in comparison to PCs and speaker cables.  In my system right now I have about $100 in XLR cables and $5k in PCs.  I am not a cable ‘skeptic’.  At one time I had the full Luxman best in separates ‘stack’ with all Nordost Tyr XLRs and found a very slight difference there in interconnects.  For now I’m just sticking with Mogami for all my XLRs.  


Okay I completed the comparison of the Red Dawn and the Silver Reference II today. No doubt about my conclusion here, the Acoustic Zen is the better cable. The Red Dawn may, and I repeat may have had better highs. The Acuoustic Zen had better bass, mids, and just over all tonal accuracy. I found myself keeping beat with the Acoustic Zen, and with the Nordost I felt the music was dead and as a result I just sat there, listening. I really don’t know how to say this, but the AZ you felt the passion in the music. The Nordost you simply heard it. Did the Nordost sound bad, no! Just to me it was passionless. I also felt the AZ combo had a slightly wider soundstage.

I’m using KEF Reference 3 speakers running full range, and I’m also using a JL Audio F-113 V2 crossed over at 50hz.

I’m not going to claim this is the ultimate cable set up, but I will say that I have zero complaints with it!

OP…what speaker cables are you using? May be look into going with the same brand interconnects?