Higher End DACs

I am looking for a DAC (potentially streamer&DAC) to be paired in a mcintosh system (c1100/611). Its my first foray into digital streaming and I have no need for a CD player.

I see a lot of love for Esoteric, however, most seems to be around their transports? Are they not as renowned for pure digital streaming and/or standalone DACs? I see DCS (for instance) often referenced for standalone DACs - how does Esoteric compare?
bo1972...you are unbearably arrogant for no discernible reason. humility is something you might try if you want people to listen to you.
i cannot imagine a worse experience than auditioning gear with you. 
What he says about the Lumin is probably true....Because what he says about audio is my own experience....

But « An extreme perfectionist always wants to win. 2nd place and less is for all born losers in this world. And has no meaning in my world» this is too much for me...

And by the way i already own this "emotional" 3-d immersive musical natural timbre experience with my "loser" audio system....With low cost methods all homemade with few bucks elements I modified myself...I doubt that his zeal to sell something will listen to other possibilities that the possibilities that are already in his world...Anyway I am with the losers of the world, particularly in audio...I want that all people know that it is possible to afford music at very low costs... My best....

" I only enjoy an illusion of my own making"  Groucho Marx

I would say: ask all our clients?

We have so much more respect for them than any other audio company. And we will let them tell their own stories soon. I work in audio over 21 years of time. I have met hundreds of people at home. I can say this; there is not a lot of respect for these people.

Most companies only work for their own greed. You don't even know me. The reason why I spend thousands of hours in research in over 21 years if time is based on the fact that I want to found a foundation for people who have nothing.

In our world, our customers come first. We put ourselves always as last. It is our responsibility that they get the best advice for the money they spend. Maybe other audio companies don't like me. I would advise; WORK HARDER!
We all live in a world where most people think and believe that it is all about money. The money will never guarantee you anything in audio.  Since I have different clients from the US I am amazed by how different we work with people.  I work for my clients. I always put myself at last. Because my father taught me that life is not about me. But what I can do for others.

I do not compete against consumers, we are there to protect them. I think it is normal to take your profession seriously. So spending thousands of hours in research is normal when you want to take your job seriously. We feel very responsible for all our clients independently.