Higher End DACs

I am looking for a DAC (potentially streamer&DAC) to be paired in a mcintosh system (c1100/611). Its my first foray into digital streaming and I have no need for a CD player.

I see a lot of love for Esoteric, however, most seems to be around their transports? Are they not as renowned for pure digital streaming and/or standalone DACs? I see DCS (for instance) often referenced for standalone DACs - how does Esoteric compare?
bo1972 could be an A.I. bot gone off the reservation. seems not to be completely sentient.,.LOL could be 
not yet - I am getting some other components installed and want to break those in a bit before demoing some of the DACs that have interested me - definitely going to need something going in though
Back on topic, I’ll echo @mikelavigne ’s point about pairing the DAC with a top-notch streamer and, I would add, a signal rejuvenator /re-clocker.

I recently auditioned top-class DACs (see here). The improvement brought upon by the streamer (i.e. "source" signal) & the Timing device that followed was not subtle!
In fact, one could tone down the DAC budget to make room for a re-clocker & server!
I might be wrong but I believe ufguy73 was interested in streaming from the internet not from a server since he didn't have CDs to put on one. If you're going the server route then yes it can make a difference but streaming from the internet a server isn't in the equation unless you intend to buy downloaded music or CDs to RIP to it.