Some speaker cables produce lower/higher volume?

I recently auditioned two speaker cables: Audio Art SC5, and Clear Day single silver cable. The Clear Day required a higher volume level on my pre-amp than the Audio Art. Are some speaker cables, LIKE SPEAKERS, rated at higher or lower efficiency which determines volume levels??
Jim, Speaker cable transfers the power from your amplifier to your speakers. Some speaker cables are more efficient than others. Watch the bass with silver cables. Could it be possible you are turning up the volume in an effort to get more bass?
To MK, No trips since the early 70's!!!

Rrog. I am turning the volume up, but only relative to what I believe a particular track or CD sounded like before. I wonder if I may be losing my hearing but I think not. Depending on the type of music you like, I think it is important to adequately pressurize the listening space

However, I have an off the wall theory which I can't quantify or quality that barometric pressure tends to affect hearing. Some research must have been done on this phenomenon.

In addition, I can't believe either one of you guys has felt that on some days your system sounds better(or worse) than your last listening session. Geez,if any system sounded the same everyday, the audio business would collapse because nobody would want to upgrade or improve the "sound" quality of their system (HA-HA!!).

Lastly, I am sure somewhere in the (serious) listening process psycho-acoustic factors enter into the "DEGREE" of musical enjoyment, the listener comes away with.

If interested, I will keep you posted
I tried the Clear Day cables. They sound great but are made out of some very small gauge wire.
Gauge does matter.
No, but odd order harmonic distortion is perceived by the ear as a loudness cue. The amounts of distortion at higher orders may be very small but you will readily hear it. "Turn that down" can often mean turn down the distortion.
yes, due to what counts the most: gauge. A good experiment is comparing canare 4s11 against canare 4s6 for example... same wire, different gauge.
I have demoed many speaker cables including clearday and those gave a midrange suck out which forced me to turn up the volume alot. The bass was more pronounced than many others I did not like them. Also one of the cables I had tried Granite audio which was a very good cable however all frequencies were louder than any other cable I tested. Over 15 different names. So your not trippin.
The electrical properties of a cable can also affect the performance; of an amp i.e. capacitance and inductance.

E.g naim amplifiers really like low capitance speaker cables and actually sound worse when used with higher capacitance cables. Naim also recommends a minimum and maximum length of cable to be used. Naim own speaker cables are among the lowest capacitance cables out there.

Also the inductance may also have a detrimental effect, but to a lessor degree.

High capacitance cables can also act as a filter that also affects the sound and possibly an apparent volume change.