Higher sensitivity - more dynamic sound?

Benefits of higher sensitivity- other than loudness per watts available?


MBL is a perfect example of not the most efficient ,But the low sensitivity is misleading ,for it disperses in 360 degrees sound evenly ,not just to the front 

and the tweeter,midrange  not being n a box and direct coupled have exceptional 

transient response, micro,and macro dynamics as well as dynamics ,

at a cost in  power required, and $$ cost. That’s why. Am forced to save to buy their excellent 126 model used with dual SVS 4000 SB subs. 

Think of it this way, it is a combination of the loudspeaker and the amplifier that creates the dynamic range:

102dB/Wm sensitive speakers unpackage 102 dB range from 1W source material.

From the same 1W source material 82dB/Wm speakers unpackage only 82dB.

No matter how many watts we throw at it, the more sensitive is always giving us a wider dynamic range.

Now, if you need 102dB level with the 82dB/Wm speakers, then you need to bloat the 1W source to 100W, creating x100 distortion along the way compared to the 1W. To get the 100W reasonably error-free, to reduce the errors made by the additional amplification, we need feedback that removes not only the errors but substantially compromises the low level details as well, leading to a collapse of the low level of the dynamic range.





I have been enjoying high sensitivity speakers and low powered tube  amps for a few years now.   It's a good combo with the right pairing 


+1, very logical.

Yet lower-moderate sensitivity speakers dominate the marketplace. These speaker manufacturers know that with the proliferation of affordable transistor wattage/power, an amplifier is readily available for the typical 85-87 db sensitivity 4 ohm impedance speaker. It seems the path of less resistance. Thus the default choice. 200-300 tube watts gets expensive relatively speaking.

I get the sense that good quality high sensitivity and easy to drive speakers may be more involved/complex and harder to get right. However when executed properly they can be quite the special product.