I recently bought a Musical Fidelity X-P200 Power Amplifier. I have an issue with it. The Power Button in front is stuck in the ON position.  To turn the amp on or off I have to turn off the power conditioner it's plugged into or unplug the unit.
Is this an easy fix? By easy I mean can a person repair this on their own? Or do I need to take this in for service?


I guess it depends as to how easy it is to access the power button inside and if a replacement is available.


Take it to a qualified tech. He will  examine it and clear off any hidden concerns. Don’t get sucked into the costly default position of a brand new power switch etc,

I had a similar instance on my beefy integrated amp. The tech first popped the case , he checked things out with the open unit easily viewable, and then carefully inserted a DIY “spacer” to permit the power button properly release the “jamming” and return to a normal on-off push / push position. Apparently it is not an uncommon issue with pre-owned units that have a tendency to “jam” especially when warm .

The case was put back on and that added “spacer” solved the issue.EZPZ.


Without looking at it I am 100% sure I could fix it.  I am equally sure that 90%+ of auciogoneers couldn't. So figure out where you fit in the spectrum.

+1 carlsbad


 Only yesterday my neighbor came over to ask me to look at an outdoor light needed repair. It was wired into a sensor, and she figured that it couldn't be that hard just to replace the whole unit. Good thought, but not for everyone. By the time that I was in on the deal, I had to first figure out just what happened during the last fix. In short, it would have been better in that case for the person to ask someone at least with experience to look at the situation. Not to go into detail, but the situation was FUBAR and didn't need to happen.

@Carlsbad. Thanks, I'm probably in the 90% that couldn't fix it. Then I surprise myself every so often.


 I just remembered an Apollo CDP player that I bought having the same problem. The trouble had occurred in shipping. In this case, all I needed to do was loosen the screws holding the faceplate, and then realign the faceplate to the proper position. I hope that you might have a similar situation. 

 And sometimes when this happens, you can check the alignment by pushing the button up as you push it in. Of course, it may be sticking in any number of other possible positions, so try each direction to push the power button away from the sticking point as you push it in. Worth a try.

Thanks, I just might give that a try. There are 4 screws on the face plate. if that doesn't work I take it into a shop.


I had the same problem with a Cayin integrated. I thought it probably needed a new switch. I took it to a local tech, it turned out the switch was just out of alignment. He wanted to return it to me at no charge. I insisted on paying a minimum bench fee. 

Today I took the amp to a shop to get worked on. I'll know in 2 weeks whether or not it worked.

Well I took the amp into a vintage hi fi shop in my town. They fixed it for a price. I won't reveal it here, but I think they were fair.


They took the face plate off,adjusted the position of the switch. I was told the tech "reassembled it." whatever that means.They probably cleaned any contacts or sticking points as well.. Works like new.

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