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Seeking Budget CD Player Suggestions
I have owned NAD CDP's in the past and always found them to have a nice smooth analog type sound. They are reasonably priced, usually with Wolfson or Burr Brown DAC's.    
Credenza or media stand for hiding away equipment
I had mine built by a cabinet maker. The first shelf is open for the integrated amp. The rest of the shelves (adjustable) are hidden behind a door with a perforated black panel.      
Finally got a Luxman
I have the same Luxman Integrated, got it about five years ago on closeout. It's a great amp and was in my price range.     
Any recommendation for a CD changer?
I have the Onkyo changer in my garage. It's reliable and sounds good.    
help choosing a turn table
If you get the P3, go straight to an Exact 2. Skip the Elys cartridge.  
Turntable dust cover cleaning
Once you you get it clean, just use a very slightly dampened microfiber cloth with distilled water.   
SL1200G - Tonearm shape from side question for owners
What headshells have you tried tried? Many of the aftermarket ones I've seen are quite heavy.    
Speaker Cable Recommendation
Obviously, there are many choices and good recommendations here. FWIW,  I really like my Analysis Plus cables.   
Anyone buy one yet? Thoughts?
No Tidal, no Qobuz, cmon' man! And I have Pontus II.      
The greatest Pop song yet written and recorded.
This may not be a Pop song, but "Comin' Back To Me" written by Marty Balin performed by Jefferson Airplane always gets to me.  
First Tube amp suggestions
Check out Cayin A 88T. You can use KT88's or EL 34's   
To Raise or Not to Raise Heresy IV's
@deep_333  Another jerk hiding behind a keyboard.    
Best EXTERNAL DAC suggestions
Soix, I assumed that's what you meant. I have an upgraded Node feeding a Pontus II and the mesh system really helped stabilze my streaming experience. My wifi signal is average at best. I really couldn't hear a difference in sound, but it is diffi... 
Best EXTERNAL DAC suggestions
Yes, I went from a wifi extender to Google Mesh and connected it as Soix described. Much more stable, no more audio dropouts.   
Plastic sleeves for cd's...
Also, you may want to check with Square Deal Online.