Hollman Audio communication

Hi Folks, a little help please. I need to get in touch with Hollman Audio from Australia. I visited their room at CES and all I got was a card with Hollman Audio. com. This does not connect me with them. Can anyone offer help.
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Here's the link, for Hollman: (http://www.hollmanaudio.com). I really like the sound...and the man!
Thanks, it is working this time. That is exactly the address I have been trying for the past week with no luck. Maybe their system was down. Thanks again
Dedicatedaudio, you probably put a space between hollmanaudio (hollman audio) when you attempted to reach his website. Internet search procol won't recognize his site because of this extra space separating the two words! If he listed his website as two words, maybe you should let him know. I don't have his card, so I can't say for sure.
Unfortunately Christopher Holland of Hollman Audio passed away several years ago.
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