Holo MAY KTE DAC/ Kitsune Hi FI, Lynnwood Washington

Have been looking for a new DAC for sometime now. I would like to thank all of you that have helped in my search. Recently,  I have watched a very nice review of the HOLO AUDIO KTE DAC from a reviewer, called Golden Sound. A very detailed and professional review.  After reading and viewing and listening, it seems that the aforementioned DAC is the best thing since sliced bread!!! It caught my attention.

My first thought, after going to the website, lets look up a few things. I read some of the covenants/warranty statements and came away with the thought, my God if I sneeze, they will void the warranty. Where is this item serviced in and out of warranty, and does it go back to China on your dime. No one addresses this. Any help in this area would be great. Robert TN  Thanks , AS USUAL!!



KitsuneHiFi is based out of Lynnwood Washington.

Email would be the best way to contact us.

We generally reply fairly soon during the week and sometimes longer if during the weekend.


Tim @ Kitsune has always been responsive to my questions, but he's a sole proprietor and stays very busy. Shoot him an email!

I love my Holo Audio May KTE DAC.  I bought it with the knowledge that it is made an serviced in China, so if I have a problem I’m screwed, or at least without DAC for many weeks.  I decided it was worth the risk, and over a year in couldn’t be happier.  I have only reviews to go by, but they said it performs better/equivalent to DACs 2X the price.  I can’t say one way or another, just that I and the few audio buddies that have heard it think it’s really good.

I have heard the latest KTE and Denafrips terminator2, and plus 

they are all $10 k + dacs if made in Europe,or North America ,

the KTE is very detailed and a bit softer leading edge ,

where the terminator with its Huge power supplies has better grunt and grip 

especially in the midBass,Bass , I2S the Denafrips likes , but very good usb is still very very close with its dual over clocks , you can’t go wrong ,the terminator plus is $1500 more then the T2 ,it’s slightly  better for basically the same unit just higher specked parts ,hey are all very good . 

I can't find a registration with The Department of Licensing for this company.

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