HoloAudio Cyan 2 DAC

Just watched the review of the HooAudio Cyan 2 DAC on The Hans Beekhuyzen Chanel on YouTube.

Has anyone heard or know anything about this DAC?  It might be an interesting option for those that are willing to accept the caveats discussed in the video.


@patrickcarey , yes I would like to get your feedback on the unit.  What are your thoughts on it compared to other DACs?

I saw the Hans video too.  I think he said, "you will not be disappointed".  
I agree.  New record day on Youtube also has a good review. 

I have used an old ps audio dac, the dl 3, and it is much better than that.  I also demoed a PS Audio Stellar Strata, and the dac is better than that as well. 

It's better than the built in dac on ELECTROCOMPANIET eci6d.  

It is a little better than the dac in my Proceed avp2 (Levinson) pre amp, and that dac is spectacular even if 20yrs old. 

I really think it is outstanding with excellent detail good depth, sometimes 'holographic' sound with excellent sense of layers and dimension.  Just a touch of warmth as well, and closer to the front row experience than back in the hall. 

Hope this helps. 






@patrickcarey , thank you for the direction to the New Record Day review on YouTube.  To those that might be following this thread, there are quite a few reviews on this DAC.

I appreciate your feedback on the DAC.  From your prior DACs, this sounds like your first R2R DAC?  I'm debating this or the Denafrips Pontus 2.

What type of music do you listen to and does your assessment align with the NRD review?