Home theater and 2 channel setup from same speakers?

Is it possible to have a home theater mutli channel setup going to the same L/R speakers as a 2 channel system?  Some kind of A/B box? 

I currently have a home theater 5 channel setup.  I would like to add a tube based system and some new speakers.  The room I'm in could probably support both sets of L/R speakers but I was curious if I wanted to downsize speakers, is it possible to run a AVR and tube integrated amp without physically moving cables and such? 


My 2 channel preamp has a bypass where the AVR/AVP plugs in, and those go out to the 2 channel amp when the preamp is off.

When the preamp is on. Then I can select a CD or TT input.

Of course one could just run the AVR/AVP into one of the preamp inputs, and have the 2 channel preamp set to a consistent volume, and have the preamp on.

2-way amp amplifier / speaker selector switch box, stereo audio input amplifier switcher.


It works well for me but YOU might want to be careful switching it in before firing an amp up, especially tubed.

Home Theatre Bypass


For a list of units that have this feature, look here: <


OK, thanks.  I've got some reading to do now.  I've heard about HT bypass but have ignore until now. 

I have an Onkyo rz50 and would like to get the Willsenton r300 for 2 channel 

@johns21 I am running a tube pre, and currently a tube stereo amp.
The other HT channels I am using are on Class-D.

I am seriously thinking of going Class-D on the main L/R pair.

I am sure there are arguments both ways, but a tube pre and A/B or Class-D between them and the speakers are not a bad way to go.

Probably better is HT is used for the majority of the time. Otherwise those tubes get used up on HT where one is not listening as intently.

But horses for courses, as they say.