Homegrown Audio Silver Lace Interconnect

So now that ya'll have had these for a while and they should be broken in, what is the verdict?? Just want to know other opinions before I order some, thanks. Would like to try them connecting a Rega Planet 2000 and a B&K pre.
I have the Silver Lace, and am extremely happy. The fact that I have seen Sdcampbell submitting similar opinions makes me believe even more the qualities this cable possesses. A one meter length is about $180. That HAS to be considered a breakthrough product. I also have their Super Silver. The Silver Lace is far superior in all areas. Dynamics, bass extension, and slam are world class. This cable is extended and detailed. There is no grain, edge, or splash in my system. The locking RCA connectors(WBT type) are a tremendous improvement over the Super Silver's plugs. Perhaps even adding to the advantage over their former flagship cable. I also have cables from AudioQuest, Coincident, Kimber on hand. The Silver Lace is THE BEST and CHEAPEST cable of the bunch. I consider this product and a Silver Audio interconnect to be the finest interconnects I have ever come across. Silver is not for everyone. The argument of whether or not silver shines light upon a system's weak links take a back seat(in my opinion) to whether a silver cable improves a system in the here and now. That is the measuring stick as to whether or not HomeGrown Audio Silver Lace is for you. I would love to hear to hear the impressions of the other Silver Lace owners.
As Trelja said, I've been very pleased with the Silver Lace. Is it the best interconnect for the money? I think so. Is it the best interconnect I've had in my system? Without question. In my system, the Silver Lace reveals no harshness and seems to blend well with the other equipment. As Trelja comments, the Silver Lace is a LOT of cable for $180 (or less as a kit).
I agree wholeheartedly with Trelja and Sdcampbell. The Silver Lace have a big sound, with ample dynamics, transparency, cleanliness, and high and low extension. Resolution and detail are tremendous. I was a bit leary that silver cable would sound bright and etched in my system. These do not -- in fact, I believe that they exhibit a stunning degree of musicality. I compared them directly to the Super Silver, Cardas Quadlink 5C, Harmonic Technologies Truthlink and Legacy Audio Lattice, and the Silver Lace were easily the best. Homegrown Audio provides free shipping if you order over the internet, and also grants a 30 day risk free trial period. Take advantage of their generosity and listen for yourself -- you won't be disappointed.

Tom V. apache@csj.net
I have the Silver Solutions (or did until I loaned them to a friend) and they are great if not a little light on the bottom. Have not had a chance to get the Lace's yet but it is on my short list. I have considered building other DIY interconnects but these are so good and inexpensive, why bother?
Hello again. In answer to Frmont's question, my equipment is as follows: Denon DCM560 cd player, Rogue Audio 66 Magnum preamp, SCE Harmonic Recovery System II, Conrad Johnson MF2100 amp, Paradigm Studio 60 (version 1) speakers.

Tom V.
Frmont, here is the rest of my system. Front end is a Sansui analog tuner and a Cambridge D500 SE CD player. I also use Coincident CST interconnect and HomeGrown Audio Super Silver(at times). This stuff all feeds a Jadis Orchestra Reference integrated amplifier w/Ei KT90 output tubes. Power cords are Delta Labs Silver Source, Delta Labs Redline, and Coincident CST. Speaker cables are Coincident CST to my mids/HF, and AudioQuest Midnight to my LF. Speakers are Coincident Digital Master w/Troubass subwoofers.
CD: Ah Thoeb
Pre-amp: AES AE-3 Triode
Amp: Aragon 8008BB Big SS room warmer.
Speakers: Hales Rev III
Speaker: Anylysis +
I/C: Various DIY in and out but Homegrown Silver Lace soon.
Power Cords: Bob Crump Design Cable that I build myself
Dedicated lines with highly tweaked AC stuff.
I never got back to this thread to answer your question about the type of gear in my system:
Bryston SP-1 pre/pro
Bryston 4B-ST amp for front main speakers
Adcom 5503 amp for center and rear HT speakers
Vandersteen 3A Signature main speakers
Vandersteen VCC-1 Signature center speaker
Coincident Technology Triumph Signature rear speakers
Pioneer Elite DV-37 DVD/CD player
JVC Super VHS video cassette deck
VPI HW-19 Mk4 turntable with Rega RB 900 arm
Lehmann Audio Black Cube phono preamp
Various cables, including HGA SilverLace and Super Silver
Kimber Kable 8TC speaker cables in bi-wire configuration
3 Monster Cable HTS 2000 power conditioners