homegrown price increase

better buy now homegrown audio have started to listen to their reviews and increased their prices. they have a new cable and speaker cable anyone had a chance to test yet?
I have used both the Super Silver and the new cable, Silver Lace. I see that the price of the Super Silver has increased by $10. This is still an astonishing value. Better performance than Kimber KCAG, for the price of PBJ. I cannot fault the cable sonically on any level when used with tube equipment and speakers with soft dome tweeters. You may find the need for RFI blockers(VERY cheap), depending on your system. You will find things in the music you have never heard before. As far as the new Silver Lace interconnect cable goes, I have to say it is nothing short of a breakthrough in wire. I could not believe the increase in dynamics, bass response, and focus with this cable. While the price is not what I would consider cheap at $190/meter, I have yet to hear a cable which compares to it in my system. When breaking in the cable on my tuner, I was stunned. It made my tuner sound like a CD player. Rich, full bodied, powerful, dynamic sound. I plan on posting a thread about this new cable very soon, but allow me to briefly state here that I have now stopped thinking about cable. Haven't tried the speaker cable.
Treja..can you email me with info on RFI blockers...i want to use my homegrown ics with a tuner...thanks kbuzz@bellatlantic.net
Trelja, I agree with your post on the Silver Lace interconnects. They are breathtaking.The bass is very dynamic and tight and adds a breath of freash air to my ML Requests. I have not bought the RFI blockers as of yet. Any suggestions? I was going to buy them at the local Radio Shack. Thanks
I am glad we have both discovered the Silver Lace, Hiflyer. I will start a thread on them in the Sound Advice category very soon. Please make sure to post your impressions. I discussed the RFI blockers in another thread, please check it out as others have comments as well. In short, I think if you need them, use them. If you have no RFI problems, I would forego them. Someone sent me the ones I am using so I am no expert in this area. Sorry about that.