Wholesale prices

I have a friend who is an authorized Kef dealer.

I am interested in the Kef Blades 1 and he said he could get me a pair, new sealed,  for about 14 grand.
Does this sound about right for dealer price?

He is a vp  for a nationally  known  audio manufacturer.
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I doubt your friend wanted you posting that in an online forum and it's pretty easy to work back from retail.
You can get a used pair of II's right now .

If you like the color, I'd counteroffer 11K w/shipping.

That price for a first generation, even though they're sealed isn't anything to get excited about IMO. They're not the latest iteration. You have a LOT of choice for that amount of money.

$11-12K maybe, if I just had to have the Kef Blade. 

What are they worth to you and your wallet? $14k is not a deal. Lots of excellent choices in that price range. 
Dealer discount is 50% off their Demo Gear and 40% off everything else for most brands (JasonBourne is dead wrong).  Discount is FAR greater on stuff like Cables.  That price for the KEF's is NOT a good deal at all. Its OLD Inventory they cant get rid of. You should get at least 40% off MSRP if not 50. You would be doing them a favor taking it off their hands.
riaa is correct, as I was in the business and the dealer discounts could increase with volume buying and upfront payment. Remember too, the dealer pays for shipping.
To me its a great deal! Using the kef reference 5s right now, would top up the extra to get your kef blade 1 for sure! Get it!
I assume you are referring to the Kef Blade which has a msrp of $32k, therefore, $14k would appear to be a good deal.  The Kef Blade 2 has a retail of $24k and is a smaller version of the original Blade. 
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Dealer markup can be as high as $55% li was a dealer op for 10 years l if you are a international distributor you get an extra 10%
on average 45% ,that too depending on the company.
Ex dealers that wouldn’t budge from the list price went out of business and now bitterly post online margins that would make anyone gasp.

This post has some mold on it but as these threads still show up on google for those of us interested in assembling a system at a specific price.  $14k with local tax is a great price for the blade 1 nib and when in doubt I’ll go to hifi shark and see what recent models have sold for. A store owner explained to me why he was able to offer me a better discount on 1 brand over another and the answer wasn’t as straightforward as I expected. The short of it is some dealers will pay less per box if they spend more up front, so some shops can’t price match without losing money. 

I paid more than your quoted new price for the used pair I bought and these sound like a bargain in comparison to the competition.
Guys I’m pretty sure when he says the KEF Blade 1 hes referring to the big kef blades which msrp for $32k

In that case 14k is a phenomenal price and cheaper than I see even on the used market

I heard the kef blade 2 at a local dealer who was incredibly stingy and only offered me 20% off for a demo floor model. That would be $20k for the cheaper blade 2. (i turned it down as I thought it was too stingy but the dealer was confident he would sell it at that price as there was interest)

14k for the 1 is a no brainer.

You always have to shop for deals if the dealer represents the brand. For instance I was offered the other day from luxman dealer a m900u for 11k brand new (his offer to me), and honestly I think i can cut that down in price as well.