homegrown super silver as a digital cabl

what do you all think of using a length of the h.g. super silver as a digital cable? i'm currently using a length of straightwire laser link 2. it's a loaner and sounds pretty good. i don't think it is a 75ohm (whatever difference that makes) cable, but it is shielded. i don't use a tuner and live in the country so rfi is not a big problem. is a true 75ohm digital cable going to be some magic nirvana? i am currently burning in homegrown's interconnects and love them. they just keep getting better and better. thanks.
The Homegrown IC's are not wired or terminated as a single "stereo" cable. I use a Mapleshade digital IC (that is neither coaxial or 75 ohm) from the coaxial RCA out on my player to the coaxial RCA in on my DAC with great results. I then use a a pair of Homegrown IC's from the DAC's analog outputs to my preamp inputs and the combination works well in my system. Single digital cables are stereo cables. Are you considering building one from the Homegrown wire, I was not aware that they made a stereo digital cable?
dekay, kevin at homegrown emailed me and said that he and others had good success utilizing a single length of super silver as a digital cable his only concern was rfi. i put this string out there because i wasn't sure. right now i'm using a single length of straightwire laser link 2. i have no info about this cable other than it's ofc copper shielded and a coaxial design. it was sent as a replacement for an older set of straightwire i.c.'s that went bad. it sounds good now, but what will improve if i switch to a digital cable? honestly i love the sound that i've got, and have even considered getting a single run of the laser link for a cdp to dac connection. my thinking however, was how would the synergy be if i utilized all silver for interconnects and digital. i'm new to this stuff and am still on the bottom end of the learing curve. i bought the h.g. i.c.'s because the comments i've read and the price seemed too good to be true. so far it's surpassed my expectations.
2out: I have extra pair of Homegrown's that are out on loan right now for evaluation by another member at the site and can give it a try eventually. I am still a little confused as I had assumed that a single digital IC is wired differently to pass right and left channel signals through a single cable. I was told by Pierre at Mapleshade that a digital cable need not be coaxial or 75ohm to achieve excellent results (most are not true 75 ohm cables anyway) and the Mapleshade (micro wire) works well for me running off the coaxial out and inputs. I prefer the Homegrown Super Silver analog IC's in my system and do not seem to be having RFI problems even though I live very close to many radio and television stations in the LA area. Hopefully someone will comment on the use of non digital single cable in this application. If I get a chance (my parents are visiting now) I can try a single Super Silver and just use an extra pair of Harmonic Tech Truthlink's for the analog IC's. I am very familiar with the Truthlinks and should be able to get a grip on how the Homegrown compares to the Mapleshade and Canare digital IC's that I have. Oh, and the Homegrown's will sound even better past the 200 hour point if you are not there yet. They are pretty scary for a pair of $70.00 IC's and are dammed good regardless of the price.
dekay, thanks again for updating me. let me know how the single run sounds as a digital cable if you get the chance. i think i'll find a true digital cable after considering all that you've written. i'm interested in these mapleshade cables i've heard so much about, but can't find a website for them. if you've got a url address or phone number i'd sure appreciate it. also what do you think about dh labs silver sonic d60 or tributaries silver digital? how does mapleshade compare as far as price and performance? i'm still looking for the best bang for the buck. thanks again for all of the advice and guidance.
2out: I have only used two different digital cables to date. Search the forum for additional info. The URL is (mapleshaderecords.com). I am using the Double Helix and they have a less expensive model as well. I beleive that they have a 30 day return policy, but I am going to keep mine and will try out others on memo in the future.
2out2 the Kimber ILLuminations D-60 is a 75ohm silver dig coax cable. Also there are other 75ohm silver dig coax cables out there.
2out: Seearch under Mapleshade on the ild trheads. I think that I described the Double Heix digital cable in one of them. They are very fragile and odd (they are micro wires in some type of "sandwich bag" insulaton) and should be kept safe from children and pets due to this. I have been careful with it and have not had a problem, though one slight yank could destroy the cable.