hook-up configuration for AR -2ax

Dumb question here, but I just picked up a pair of AR-2ax at an estate sale that I want to toy around with, but a little concerned that I am hooking them up properly and do not damage my amplifier. The speaker connections available are marked "1" "2" and "T" (I assume tweeter) Connections "2" and "T" are tied together with piece of wire. Instructions on back of speaker say to connect "0" and "8 Ohms" to terminal "1" and "2" of speaker. I grew up with Red/Black or +/- so these do not exactly make sense to me. My questions is: does "0" correspond to "-" or "black" and does "8 Ohm" correspond to "+" or "red"
Likewise, does "1" on back of speaker correspond to "-"/"black" on back of speaker and "2" correspond to "+"/"red"

I'm sure someone out here knows and can help - thank you in advance. I will hold off hooking these up until I get some confirmation.
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For these speakers, 0 = - = black , connect to terminal 1 on speaker, 8ohm = + = red, connect to terminal 2 on speaker.

Removing the 2 to T jumper disconnects the tweeter for use with an external accessory tweeter or to allow bi-amping, in which case you connect both 0 = - = black to terminal 1.
Even dumber question,I have at 2ax speakers do I use spade ends to connect to these?