Hooking up a subwoofer to preout

Ok, I have spent WEEKS trying to find a diagram or description of how to hook up a subwoofer to my receiver’s Pre out jacks, to no avail. Can someone please walk me through this? Do you simply use a dual (red and white) rca cable from the red and white Pre out jacks on the receiver to the red and white rca inputs on the sub? 
Any help is greatly appreciated. 


You only need one RCA 99.999% of the time. Very few recordings do not have the low frequencies combined on both channels. Just make sure you use the variable preamp outs. If you use the fixed outputs, you'll only do that once, can get expensive. 


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(1) check the powered subwoofer manual for input options and also your receiver manual

(2) Assuming you are not considering any direct LFE output from the receiver using a single subwoofer RCA termination cable into the powered subwoofer’s designated LFE RCA input: 

- then just connect the receiver preamp RCA outputs to the RCA inputs on your powered amp subwoofer.using a longer run pair of decent RCA interconnects.
- A suitable longer run pair of RCAs permits an easier and likely better place to position the subwoofer.


russ69 makes a very good point. Only use a variable output for your subs.