Hooking up two preamps to one power amp

I have a separate two channel system and a home theater system in the same room. I want to hook up zone two out of AV processor to the rca inputs on my two channel power amp. My two channel preamp is hooked up with xlr to the power amp. Obviously I would never have both preamps on at the same time. All of this so I can use my OPPO player with my two channel system as well as stream.

I am running a Mesa Baron tube power amp (google it) . It doesn’t have an HT bypass. Vincent hybrid tube preamp. Marantz AV8801. Oppo bdp103. Should have bought the 105 as it has a second set of outputs. Khorns with a complete Volti upgrade.

So my question is- Any issues with return or feedback loops?




I'm having a custom amp made with multiple inputs.  Don't know why that isn't normal.  

HT bypass is a bypass on a preamp to go straight to the amp.  If you have HT bypass on one preamp, then hook the other preamp into that input.


Does that amp have an XLR RCA toggle in the back? Can it accept both inputs live and at the same time? If so, I doubt your XRL is a true balanced. Perhaps it has some auto-switching when you plug in the XLR. I built my own XLR switch to toggle my Tube pre with my HT setup. Sounds great; you would never know there was a switch path in the place. It's all, a HT bypass is on preamps that offer that. Suppose you could test if you are getting V-out on the RCA while playing into the XLR; you might get some interesting effect in input loading on the preamp.