Hookups to IFI Neo Streamer


I am considering purchasing an IFI Neo Streamer/Dac. Currently I stream from my MacBook to my oppo 205 dac. Between the Mac and the Oppo I have an USBe Perfect core power technologies usb device that cleans up the sound and a Douk Audio U2 interface that converts connection to oppo to coax. That further cleans up the sound. From there to a Primaluna HP Dialogue and finally to Klipsch Fortes. 

For the IFI, I would like to connect the Mac to the streamer as I enjoy JRiver cloudplay. I would also like to connect my hard drive with flac files to the streamer. For anyone who has the IFI Neo, do you know if I can connect the Mac and hard drive and play them through the Neo? The Oppo just doesn't cut it as a streamer. It's possible the IFI dac may sound better(warner) than the Oppo so, we'll see. But first have to determine if it can accommodate the connections.

Thanks for your comments in advance.